Almost everybody in Brisbane dreams of having a place to escape to, somewhere to recharge the batteries, somewhere where the stress of modern day life can be forgotten. Creating a backyard oasis is a dream that you can easily make come true with the help of your local professional swimming pool builders Brisbane.

There are a lot of things to consider once you have made the decision to go ahead with your new project. No matter what the size or specifications of your property there will always be a pool shape to fit it.

But you’re not just buying a pool, to maximize your enjoyment and use, this should be the fitness and recreation area for your family. This is a place where you will entertain friends, it is the place where your children and grandchildren will meet and play together. Pretty soon, this will become the focal point of your home.

What are the benefits of owning a swimming pool in Brisbane?

There are many good reasons why investing in a new swimming pool is a great idea.

Health and fitness: By turning your new swimming pool design into a health and fitness zone for your home you will encourage everybody to live a better lifestyle. Spending more time outside in the fresh air, enjoying physical exercise will not only improve your health but will also reduce stress levels and anxiety and help fight and prevent depression.

Social benefits: Your new swimming pool will not only help you live a healthier lifestyle but will also help you improve your social life. It’s just so easy to organize a barbecue or quick party around the pool and family and friends will need no second invitation to come and help you celebrate.

You will also find that the new pool will result in your family spending more quality time together. No matter how old your kids are you will have trouble keeping them out of the pool. Spending time together in a great outdoor environment will become commonplace if it isn’t already.

Increased property value: Adding a concrete swimming pool and recreation area to your property is not only going to increase the value but should you ever decide to sell it will also help make your property that much more desirable and help you get a quicker sale. This makes any investment in a new swimming pool a sound financial decision as well as something that you and your family will continue to enjoy for a very long time.

Pool size and type

The pool shape that you decide on can come from your wildest imagination. Although a high percentage of pools are rectangular you can decide on a free-form shape for your swimming pool construction.

There are standard swimming pool sizes, ranging from 4 m x 8 m up to 7 m x 14 m, but again you are not required to choose from these. Creating custom sized swimming pools is easy for professional swimming pool builders who will want to make the most of the space that you have available.

Both the size of the area that you designated for your new pool and its location within your property will go a long way to determining what type of pool and what size it should be but you really have the freedom to create something quite unique if that is what you are looking to do.

How you plan to use your new swimming pool should also be considered when making a decision on the final design. If you will be using the pool for exercise then a design that allows swimming laps should be considered. Swimming pools that will be used for entertainment and recreation would be open to more custom design styles.

The age of any children that are likely to use the pool and the swimming ability of expected users should also be considered when deciding on maximum and minimum depths.

There are two types of material commonly used in the construction of residential swimming pools; fibreglass or concrete.

Although fibreglass offers a smoother surface it is not as durable and long-lasting as concrete swimming pools Brisbane.

You will also find that fibreglass pools are more limited when it comes to freestyle design. A concrete pool construction allows you a virtually unlimited choice when deciding on shape and style.

Concrete swimming pools may well take longer to build, but the long-term benefits of strength and durability as well as the visual appeal usually outweigh this many-fold over the life of your pool.

Swimming pool maintenance Brisbane.

No matter what style, construction material or design you decide on you will also need to be aware that your new swimming pool will need looking after.

This doesn’t have to be the onerous task that it has been portrayed to be in the past. If you put together a plan for cleaning your pool on a regular basis it will not only protect your investment it will also mean that you will be able to reduce overall maintenance costs.

Having a regular maintenance and cleaning routine is not only a sound financial decision it also means that you and your family will get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from your swimming pool. Let’s face it nobody will want to dive in to a grubby looking pool.

If you are able to cover the investment that a new swimming pool and recreation area will require, you will never regret the decision. The many benefits that you and your family will be able to enjoy are only further backed up by the additional value to your property that your new swimming pool will result in.